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West Village, New York City
Photographer: Damion Reid


Sun Ra (1914–1993)

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Kenyan Pastor Risks His Life To Advocate For Persecuted LGBT Community



The Rev. John Makokha, is risking his vocation and reputation by welcoming them to his church. But alarmed by the number of clergy resorting to hate, oppression and discrimination against gays and lesbians, Makokha feels he has no choice.

He has flung open the doors of the Riruta Hope Community Church and even had a rainbow flag conspicuously painted on the church marquee.

Kenya has not gone as far as Uganda and Nigeria, countries that have recently adopted harsh legislation outlawing homosexuality and calling for life imprisonment for some homosexual acts.

Still, the Kenyan penal code regards homosexuality as a crime and Christian and Muslim clergy have spoken clearly and forcefully against it.

In this environment, Makokha ministers to sexual minorities and counsels family members who find their loved ones’ sexual orientation disturbing. His passion is to see an end to what he calls “religious homophobia.”



(Homosexuality is no longer illegal in Uganda) 

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the Black Lizard (Kinji Fukasaku - 1968)

Laurence Broderick

Marlene Dumas, The Supermodel, 1995. Watercolor on paper, 26 x 19 3/4” (66 x 50.2 cm), New York, MOMA.

Carmen dell’Orefice is one of my favorite muses~ drawn from an editorial shoot she did.